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    Waiting is Beautiful

    Have you ever felt like you have obeyed the Lord by taking a giant leap of faith, and now you’re just waiting to land on solid ground? You know you have been called to do something but you just don’t know the details of that call; so, you… just… wait… on the Lord… and His… perfect… timing.Waiting is beautiful to the Lord. It puts us in a place of complete dependence on Him, which pleases Him, because He can then do His work in us.  Yes, while we humanly wait, He supernaturally works.  Hear His promise:Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up…

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    Filling the Shoes

    Over the past couple of weekends we have had an influx of visitors in and out of our home. From family, to friends, and friends of friends, the beds have been full and the table has been surrounded. Observing the diversity of people and the use of their unique passions fills my cup to overflowing. I love seeing God at work in so many different ways THROUGH His people. As I was tidying up a bit this morning, I came across a pair of one of our guest’s shoes. I immeditately knew to whom they belonged, and I smiled as I thought of her extraordinary individuality. From this happy thought,…

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    The Big Picture

    I walk a lot of golf courses. My son Davis plays for the University of Cincinnati so my husband Mac and I try to attend the tournaments that are reasonably close to home. On the golf paths, in the midst of beautiful scenery, I have learned to pray, and pray, and pray. Most of the time it’s not even about the golf that I’m watching; I just like to take advantage of this allotted time to pray for family, friends, and life issues–really, whatever the Lord brings to mind. BUT, before I sound too holy, I must confess, I do have a competitive streak in me that rises and falls…

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    You’re Invited to Listen

    Dear Readers, Not too long ago I had a conversation with Michael Easley on his radio broadcast show called InContext. If you have the opportunity, I welcome you to listen to my thoughts and stories about life and God, highs and lows, messing up and maturing. The interview can be found here: http://michaelincontext.com/listen/ Resting in Him alone.

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    Christmas Tree Lessons

    A holiday tradition in the Baxter home is for all of us to load up together in the truck and head toward the local Christmas tree lot. A tree is picked from the selection, put in the truck-bed, and then placed in the corner of our living room. All of this is done in cheerful merriment of the holidays. (Ok, not all of us are cheerful all of the time, but it sounded good). Our tree stood bare for a night and a day before we decorated it this year. The evergreen branches have a stark beauty all on its own. But, of course, a Christmas tree is meant to…