25 Years, 25 Lessons

This decorative coffee table book is for any married woman. It provides foundational insights to newly weds, and it offers basic reminders to those who have been married for decades. Within this book are twenty-five valuable lessons that Chris learned throughout her marriage. Some of the subjects discussed are: putting on love, resolving conflict, laughing often, having a healthy hobby, and prayer.

Christmas Devotional: Celebrating Who Jesus Is and Why He Came

Christmas Devotional: Celebrating Who Jesus Is and Why He Came is a 25-day devotional focusing on the rich character and promising Names of Christ. It's pages are full of beautiful graphic design as well as meaningful Scripture, inviting the reader to dwell on the true meaning of Christmas all season long.

Forty Day Journey of Prayer: A Daily Choice To Talk To God

Forty Day Journey of Prayer is a devotional that helps guide the reader into a daily conversation with God. Each day begins with a focused-Bible verse or passage and then is followed by insights pertaining to it. Journal lines are provided to write out prayer requests and personal thoughts. As one commits to reading God's word and praying in this way for forty days, his/her relationship with the Lord will then be marked with both sweetness and strength.

The Heartbeat of God

Do you need a daily reminder of who God is? Do you long to know God and speak to Him in a deeper and more personal way? Do you desire your prayer life to be filled with Scripture-based truths and promises? The Heartbeat of God is a 365 day prayer-devotional that draws the reader into the presence of the Lord.