Meaning of the Title

A Drink of Water for the Journey of Life

In naming this new blog-site, friends have asked, “Why this title? Don’t you think it might be a little difficult to find?” I fully realize “respite” is not a common word, nor an easy one to spell. However, the Lord laid this name, “Respite for the Weary,” on my heart long before I knew I would have a blog-site (or even before I knew what a blog-site was for that matter).

I would like to break down the title for you to further define its meaning. So, here goes:

Respite –break, breather, interval, intermission, interlude, lull, pause, time-out, relief, repose, let-up

for the Weary–tired, worn out, exhausted, fatigued, sapped, burnt-out, dog-tired, spent, drained, ready to drop, bushed, worn to a frazzle, pooped, tuckered out

Do any of these weary words describe you? I think I would have picked sapped this morning (I’m still getting over the flu-like symptoms that I wrote about in My Very First Post).

I can safely compare “life” to running a marathon because the Bible makes this same analogy in Hebrews 12. Life is ongoing–lots of delights, but yet, lots of drudges too. My ongoing challenge is to hold onto the “daily greats” that are (sometimes hidden) within the daily grinds. My desire is for this place, this blog, to be a small breather for the fatigued. Because when you get a pause, you can re-focus and jump back in, refreshed and ready for the next portion of your marathon. Don’t give up, sister; we’re in this life-run together.

My goal is to take you to the one true Respite, God’s Word. I pray that the Lord would use me to present His Word simply, and that you would savor His sweetness. I pray that I would teach His word truthfully, and that you would breathe in His fresh air. I pray that I would encourage you directly, and that you would drink in His living water. He will sustain you each and every step–that’s a promise found in Psalm 55:22.

So keep running, my friend, but not without taking an interval of peace from the chaos that daily bombards your schedule. Be still enough to hear His voice say, “Come to Me…”. He has what you need.

It is for this reason, I quietly invite you to this specific blog-site, with this specific name, Respite for the Weary.

His peace empowers,