Picture Scripture - Vessel

Picture Scripture – Vessel 2.4


Picture: Vessel (pouring in)

Scripture: John 2:1-10; Romans 5:5; Ephesians 3:19-20; Psalm 119:11, 57

Write any phrases from the selected Bible verses that speak to you:




Close your eyes and visualize someone pouring clean water into a crystal vase. This picture represents the miraculous gift of the Holy Spirit (as well as God’s word) being poured into our hearts. His Word and Spirit create beauty within us, which creates newness of life every day.

Can you give an example of a specific circumstance in which you know you felt God’s Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, or self-control pour into you? Explain.





Is there a time in which God’s word spoke directly to your heart in a certain situation? Explain.




Write a prayer using the above verses as a reference: