Picture Scripture - Soldier

Picture Scripture – Soldier 6.5


Picture: Soldier (sword)

Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-18 (emphasis on v17b-18); Hebrews 4:12; Psalm 18:37-39; James 4:7


Write any phrases from the selected Bible verses that speak to you:



Close your eyes and envision a two soldiers in the midst of a sword fight. One is well prepared and knows exactly when and where to strike; the other is in complete panic. Just like a soldier trains for war and knows how to use his sword appropriately and accurately, we too must be ready to use God’s powerful word in times of distress. Of all the pieces of armor of God, the sword is the only offensive one. In closing of this great passage, it’s also important to note that   continual prayer in the Spirit for self and others is addressed. Fervent prayer helps keep all pieces of armor in place.


Explain a time when you used God’s word to help you gain a victory in a battle whether it was mentally, emotionally, or physically.



Is there a verse or a passage that you are currently focusing on or memorizing in order to keep your sword sharp and ready for battle? Write it here.



Write a prayer using the above verses as a reference.