Picture Scripture - Bride

Picture Scripture – Bride 7.5


Picture: Bride (our response, now and later)

Scripture: Psalm 27:8; Song of Solomon 3:4; Ruth 1:16-17; Phil. 3:7-11; Revelation 21:1-7



Write any phrases from the selected Bible verses that speak to you:



Take a minute to think of a bride saying her vows to her husband on her wedding day. Hear her say these words of committed love as well as see her put a ring on the groom’s finger. In the same way, our response to God’s great love is to love Him back with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Of course we will not do it perfectly on this earth, but there again, our God is patient with our human-ness, and He honors our humble desire to please Him. Someday in heaven, we WILL be without sin, and it is in this state and place that we will experience the full reality of the long-awaited wedding feast.


In light of God’s great love and faithful commitment to you, write down some “vows” or responses that you want to tell Him concerning your part in this relationship (perfect on His part, imperfect on our part).



What are you looking most forward to when the final and perfect wedding feast occurs?


Write a prayer using the above verses as a reference.