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    A Powerful Gift

    What can I give my President? What can I give my country? Prayer. I sit with a group of women once a month who have committed to pray for the President, Vice President and their wives. This group, formed by Lori Rydberg and April Eshleman, called the Glove Club (representing Melania’s glove underneath the Bible during the inauguration ceremony), has opened my eyes to the powerful gift that each one of us can give Donald and Melania Trump and Mike and Karen Pence on a daily basis. I’m humbled and excited to say that we are using my devotional book,The Heartbeat of God, as the daily guide for our prayers.…

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    Consider the Daylily (again)

    I left town for a short weekend trip and came back to a nice surprise in my backyard: daylilys are a blooming! I wrote a post about them a couple of years ago that I’ll reshare today: Consider the Daylily Many years ago, I bought some daylily bulbs from a friend of a dear friend. I picked a special place in my backyard near a stone wall to plant them; and then, I waited. The first bloom was a huge celebratory moment for me (I do NOT have a green thumb in the least, so anything that grows in my yard is a minor miracle). Now, every summer I look…

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    Filling the Shoes

    Over the past couple of weekends we have had an influx of visitors in and out of our home. From family, to friends, and friends of friends, the beds have been full and the table has been surrounded. Observing the diversity of people and the use of their unique passions fills my cup to overflowing. I love seeing God at work in so many different ways THROUGH His people. As I was tidying up a bit this morning, I came across a pair of one of our guest’s shoes. I immeditately knew to whom they belonged, and I smiled as I thought of her extraordinary individuality. From this happy thought,…

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    Choice Words

    Words. Choice words. Words can hurt, words can heal. Words can tear down, words can build up. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Pr. 18:21 In heated relational situations, is my tongue like a machete that swings with vast and defining blows? Or is it like a surgeon’s scalpel, that makes a small and accurate incision for the purpose of healing and hope? Words. Choice words. Words can destroy, words can restore. Words can confuse, words can infuse. Words can deform, words can transform. “Lord, help me with my words. Make my words, Your words. May I pause and pray and hear Your voice telling me…

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    Philanthropy houses The Heartbeat of God

    I wanted to let each of you know that my devotional book, The Heartbeat of God, is now being sold at a wonderful boutique called Philanthropy, in these three locations: Franklin TN, Houston TX, and Orlando FL. This store’s motto is “fashion with compassion”; with this statement alone, one can see this is not your usual every-day retail store. See their website’s words of description: “Philanthropy is the recognized leader in cause-driven retailing. We curate and design our own apparel, home and gift products with purpose, passion, style, and quality offering our customers a unique platform for giving through our commitment to give a minimum of 10% of every sale…

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    Budding: A Stage of Beauty

    I have to say, Spring is my favorite season! However, when October rolls around, you might find me saying the same thing about fall. It’s a beautiful toss-up between the two. In the cold silence of the long winter, it seems as if nothing is happening underneath the ground, no life, no fruit; everything is bare and bleak. But now, as the days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and faint shades of color are attempting to make their entrance from the bushes and the trees, a bud appears, and there’s hope! Something was happening underneath the grave silence after all! Are you in a place of waiting…

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    In the Same Boat

    Our church has been working though the book of Mark over the past several months. One of the stories that has impacted me most is found in Mark 8. The disciples were in the boat arguing with each other over which one of them forgot to pack the lunch for the trip; all they had was one loaf of bread… …and Jesus… Just before getting into the boat with the disciples, Jesus miraculously fed 4,000 people with only seven loaves of bread. All ate and were satisfied. Jesus’ questions now to the hungry disciples holding the one loaf were as follows, Why are you talking about having no bread?  Do…

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    A Christmas Devotional

     (the above crown, top AND bottom, says it all) Are you looking for a Christmas Devotional for yourself, personally, or for your family?  I invite you to read Who Is this Jesus? And Why Did He Come? This booklet is a simple, consice 25-day devotional, starting on December 1st, that will point you and your family to the heart of the Christmas Season: JESUS…Who HE IS, and Why HE CAME. Each day holds one truth to ponder in order to keep your Savior on the forefront of your mind and in the center of this season.  Check out this FREE ON-LINE devotional on my website: www.respitefortheweary.com . (See the picture of the devotional cover…

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    Dear Faithful Readers and Friends of mine,       Please consider yourself personally invited to my book signing, The Heartbeat of God. I will be selling and signing books and my brother-in-law David Baxter will be having an amazing art exhibit. This event will take place in a beautifully renovated historic home, so mark your calndars for a meaningful and fun fall outing.       I hope to see you this Saturday, October 22! See the invitation below for more details.      His love, Chris

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    The Heartbeat of God

    Dear Friends,     This is a gentle reminder about my recently released book. If you are looking for a 365 day devotional for Mother’s Day, graduations, or newly weds please keep The Heartbeat of God in mind.     Locally, the books can be purchased at Hot Pink in Brentwood (231 Franklin Rd.). You can also order them from Amazon, amazon.com  and from Clear Day Media Group, cleardaymediagroup.com . I have had many encouraging comments from readers thus far, and I continue to pray it will be a blessing to all those who read it. With sincere thanks,Chris