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    Vast Love, Come In. Flow Out.

    Over the weekend, I was walking a plush-green-golf course on a great-weather-day. Hole after hole, while my husband and his friend battled together on the course, my friend and I visited and took in the wonderful scenery. One of the holes was set beside a large pond that had a lovely fountain in the middle of it. The Lord gave me this analogy years ago, but it was refreshing to see and speak of it again: THE POND represents God’s vast and immeasurable love. Actually, God’s love is way more than a pond; it’s an ocean, and then some more oceans added to that one. I love how the apostle…

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    Not Deciding, Is Deciding

    I have been in the midst of making some decisions lately and it reminded me of a post I wrote years ago. I needed this reminder today, maybe you do to: For several days in a row as I have driven back and forth on our country road, an indecisive squirrel has stood almost like a statue while facing my huge suburban head on. My comment to this little bushy-tailed creature has been the same on each occasion, “You better move it squirrelly; make a decision or it will be made for you.” (I really am nicer than this statement sounds, I promise.)  When it comes to making decisions and…

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    Spring Wreath of Grace

    Spring has sprung indeed! New life is everywhere we look, bursting with both beauty and good news. With that being said, Madelaine Singleton and I have our third seasonal wreath to share: the Spring Wreath of Grace. Each element bears a spiritual significance. Here are easy instructions to create a meaningful wreath for yourself: Start with  a grapevine wreath. In keeping with all our wreaths, the dry twisted grapevine represents the condition of our hearts. Scripture depicts this well in the valley of dry bones, Our bones are dried up and our hope has perished. We are completely cut off (Ezekiel 37:11). Without the Lord, we remain dead in our trespasses and…

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    Gift Books for the Season

      Here is a gentle reminder for the Easter and Wedding season. Looking for a gift that encourages a loved one in the Word and in their walk? The Heartbeat of God daily devotional and 25 Years, 25 Lessons in Marriage can be purchased from Amazon through my website; just press the MY BOOKS tab. Thank you and be blessed.    

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    Budding: A Stage of Beauty

    I have to say, Spring is my favorite season! However, when October rolls around, you might find me saying the same thing about fall. It’s a beautiful toss-up between the two. In the cold silence of the long winter, it seems as if nothing is happening underneath the ground, no life, no fruit; everything is bare and bleak. But now, as the days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and faint shades of color are attempting to make their entrance from the bushes and the trees, a bud appears, and there’s hope! Something was happening underneath the grave silence after all! Once again, God uses His creation to…

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    In the Same Boat

    I came across a very familiar story in the book of Mark and it caught my interest again, but in a new way. The disciples were in a boat arguing with each other over which one of them forgot to pack the lunch for the trip; all they had with them in the boat was one loaf of bread… …and Jesus. Interestingly, Jesus, only hours before this boat ride with his buddies, had miraculously fed 4,000 people with a mere seven loaves of bread. All the people ate and were satisfied. Jesus’ questions now to his hungry disciples were as follows, Why are you talking about having no bread?  Do…

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    Winter Wreath of Peace

    During the holiday season, Madelaine Singleton and I presented a wreath that bore spiritual significance with each of its elements. (See my post: Christmas Wreath of Hope). Now, we would like to share our Winter Wreath of Peace. Our hope is that you can easily construct one for yourself and be reminded every day of God’s life-giving truths even in the midst of the cold and barren winter months. Start with a GRAPEVINE WREATH. All our seasonal wreaths begin with the dry intermingled grapevine circle in order to represent the ongoing condition of our human heart. We live in a fallen world that bears thorns and thistles (Genesis 3:18). We are…

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    His Wings, My Refuge

    For some reason, I have had a picture on my mind, one that I drew years ago for my kids when they were all “in the nest”. I dug it up from a journal and want to share it today in hopes that it is a blessing to you. The verse that goes with this picture is Matthew 23:37: Jesus said, “How often I wanted to gather you children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…”. Other verses to visualize concerning “His wings” are these:  He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and…

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    Living vs. Stagnant

    While I was walking the country roads the other day with my friend, I spotted a stagnant pool of water. It had just rained heavily the day before so a flowing stream was actively moving right alongside of this mirky pool. Because I am a visual learner, I love to picture Scripture. Jesus tells us: He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, “From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’ (John 7:37) Ahh, did you catch the words “flow” and “living”? When we claim Christ as our Savior through faith, His very-much-alive Spirit enters in! He takes up residence within us; in Him we live and move and exist (Acts 17:28). The question I posed to myself (and now to you) as I looked at the active stream flowing next to the stagnant pool was, “Which…

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    The Long Awaited Suddenly

    When thinking of the age-old Christmas story, one of the most familiar portions of Scripture is when the angel greets the shepherds in the darkness of the night. This passage is read so repeatedly each year that the event becomes a common scene in our minds. But goodness, how uncommon this real-life event must have been! First, one angel, then, a host of angels suddenly appeared, proclaiming the promise that had been held behind a divinely closed curtain for thousands of years. Yes, the wait of the great reveal had been put on sovereign hold since Adam and Eve’s exit from the garden. God’s people suffered much, but they held…