Picture Scripture - Sheep

Picture Scripture – Sheep 4.4


Picture: Sheep (assembled in a flock)

Scripture: Micah 2:12; Luke 12:32; Psalm 100:1-3; Acts 2:1

Write any phrases from the selected Bible verses that speak to you:  




Take a minute to think about a protective shepherd gathering his whole flock together. He counts each one, but also enjoys the whole. Likewise, our Shepherd loves each one of us individually, but He also loves to see His cherished people as a collective group. He is faithful in all His ways and His pasture is good.




Are you a part of a ministry or church in which you are being lead in His truth? How does this group of believers encourage you?




Is there someone who you could prayerfully consider inviting to join in with this current body of believers? Write their name here, and at God’s prompting, follow through with the invitation.

Write a prayer using the above verses as a reference.