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In the Same Boat

Our church has been working though the book of Mark over the past several months. One of the stories that has impacted me most is found in Mark 8. The disciples were in the boat arguing with each other over which one of them forgot to pack the lunch for the trip; all they had was one loaf of bread…

…and Jesus…

Just before getting into the boat with the disciples, Jesus miraculously fed 4,000 people with only seven loaves of bread. All ate and were satisfied. Jesus’ questions now to the hungry disciples holding the one loaf were as follows,

Why are you talking about having no bread? 
Do you still not see or understand? 
Are your hearts hardened? 
Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? 
And don’t you remember? (Mark 8: 17-19).

I have wrestled with these questions because so often I am like the disciples: wondering, doubting, not understanding, and forgetting. I’m thankful for the Lord’s patience towards the disciples, and I’m thankful for His patience with me. He is teaching me to simply “be in the same boat with Him.”Just rest; He’s the Know It All, I’m not.

As I have envisioned this picture, I have found myself worrying less about the problems I’m holding in my lap, and contemplating more on the One who is sailing with me. This One happens to be the Creator of the sun and sky, and the Commander of the wind and the waves. And this One is sitting by my side? How Majestic and Merciful at the same time! Soon, my heart begins to soften, my eyes see more clearly, my ears hear more distinctly, and I begin to understand. Jesus is Lord of All!

As a result, His questions are answered with my declarations:

*To even be in the same boat with Jesus is an honor. It is amazing grace.
*I must not forget who He is, nor forget the great things He has already done. 
*I must keep my eyes fixed on Him, not on my problems at hand;
because when the Captain of my boat has my heart’s devotion and my mind’s attention, He can then do impossible things through my simple loaf of bread.