Awesome Bible Concepts (ABC)

ABC: Totally Trust the Truth

The three previous ABC posts I have written are: Quiet my Questioning Heart, Rest with Him-Run with Him, and Stand Steady in His Strength. Today’s post is: Totally Trust the Truth.

Totally Trust the Truth? Long ago, King Asa ruled over the nation of Judah; for most of his reign, he did good and right in the sight of the Lord. He removed foreign alters and high places from the land. As a result, God’s blessing of peace was on the nation during this time. However, in the 36th year of Asa’s reign, Baasha, King of Israel came upon Judah. For some reason, instead of turning to the Lord first to seek help, King Asa sought to make an alliance with an earthly king, Ben-hadad of Aram. Asa forgot to totally trust the truth that God was the Almighty One who could and would fight for His people. As a result of this decision, wars began and continued for the rest of Asa’s reign in Judah.
(See 2 Chronicles 14:1-5; 16:1-9; 12)

Totally Trust the Truth!  After Asa died, his son Jehoshaphat became the king of Judah. King Jeoshaphat loved the Lord and sought to keep His commandments. At one point in his reign, enemies from all sides were coming upon Judah. King Jehoshaphat was frightened by these strong armies, so he turned his attention to seek the Lord. He brought the people of Judah together to fast and pray. God spoke to them through a prophet, “You need not fight this battle, stand and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf.” Instead of fighting, God told the people to worship Him with praise through music and song; they were to totally trust the truth that God would deliver them from the enemies. The people obeyed, and God’s hand was victorious on the battlefield on their behalf. (2 Chronicles 20:1-28)

When I look at King Asa and King Jehoshaphat in the midst of their battle decisions, I want to be like King Jehoshaphat! Why is it that we tend to first exhaust all our human resources during crisis mode before we remember to turn to the Lord and seek His help? We must remember, He is the One who is in control; He is the One who has all the answers; He is the One who can defeat anything that we are up against. Let us remember to turn to Him in both our simple daily decisions and our dire straights.

Yes, I want to seek Him first! Lord, please help me turn to You and totally trust the truth of Your word. Give me songs in my heart, songs of praise and adoration, songs of hope and deliverance. And as I sing, I will watch expectantly with full assurance that You are fighting for me as my eyes are fixed on You.  Amen