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Deal with your Disappointments

Have you ever planned something in your mind to the minute detail, only to have things turn out surprisingly and disappointingly different than what you imagined? Or have you ever placed high expectations on yourself or someone else that have yet to be met? Or, have you ever pursued a life-long dream, but in the end, there was very little, if anything to show for it?

 Disappointments come all along life’s journey. The bible never teaches us that we will not have sorrows or struggles.  One of our sometimes self-inflicted trials is that we can become easily disenchanted on how life should be; after all, we deserve it. This idea begins quite innocently in our mind, but then it grows into an idol that seeps into our heart. Pretty soon, we live by it. So, when things don’t turn out like we planned, wow, what a heartbreak!

It’s okay to humanly plan, and dream, and pursue, and live…but not without Him. Sometimes God mercifully allows a small bump (or even a giant pot-hole) to appear in the road as we are journeying forward; this “inconvenience” forces our hearts to go back to the grass roots of who we are as believers. In this place, God asks each of us,  Where are you placing your hope? What is your ultimate desire? And where are you finding your deep satisfaction?… If it’s in Me, you will not be disappointed. (Romans 9:33). Placing your hope fully in Him causes the bumps and the dips on the road to be more part of the “joy-ride”of life than a deal breaker… you just learn to say “wee!”, regroup, put our wheels back on, and keep going…with HIM.

So, my friend, if you are struggling with an unmet expectation today…put your hope in Him only, nothing or no one else will give you what you are truly crying out for. He will far exceed your own expectations.  Remember, if you trust in Christ, God’s love has been poured out into your very heart.  And His love never fails. (I Cor. 13:8)

Let this steadfast love of His bind up your broken heart and… deal with your disappointments.