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Daily Grace amidst the Daily Grind

It’s Monday morning, the beginning of another day, another week. Truth be known, my first thought when I woke up this morning was “ugh.” After a fun family weekend out of town visiting our son Bink at UT, I am faced with the dailyness of life once again: laundry, groceries, bills, schedules for all under this roof, writing/teaching deadlines, coaching, lalalalala. I am certain each of you can identify; your list may be triple mine! Like I said…ugh.

It’s times like this that I must remember to seek the daily grace of God amidst the daily grind. Over the years, I have learned to recognize places where “God shows up” throughout my dutiful day, simply to bless me with His gifts of love. To mention only a few:

In the early morning, when it’s still dark outside and there is no noise inside, I get my warm cup of coffee and the rich word of God, and I sit, quietly, securely, hopefully, expectantly. In this place, I am always satisfied with His invading love. Daily grace number one.

When I’m driving, whether it’s errands or carpool or to a meeting, and my mind begins to weaken with the worries of the world, I intentionally press the button on my radio. I then hear a song with lyrics full of truth; the words remind me that God is in control, and that He loves the people that I love (and “O How He loves us!”). I am at peace once again. Daily grace number two.

In the evening, after wondering about and then working on the (sorta) yummy menu on the dinner table, I look around at the blessings…food, family, friends from afar, fellowship. My husband, my two kids still at home, a French exchange student, and I share conversation and laughter. Joy fills my heart. Daily grace number three.

If I were to count all the daily graces between these three mentioned above, they would surely outnumber the list of my daily grinds! So, I have a decision to make, which list contols my mindset, my spirit?  In order to be any kind of influence for Christ to those around me, I must choose to focus on the heavenly while doing the earthly. In so doing, I can rest in His promise each and every day, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (II Cor. 12:9).

It’s later Monday morning now as I finish up this post, which is actually what started my “ugh” mentatlity. (Sometimes I suffer from writer’s block…UGH!!). But I am now thankful to say, I have once again experienced God’s daily grace amidst my daily grind. Thank you Jesus, for always showing up.