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Holding It All Together

Not too long ago, I was given a sweet Willow Tree figurine, called the “angel of hope.” This little angel is standing straight and tall with her arms extended in front of her. And in her hands, she is holding a small glimmering candle. I love what this angel signifies, and even more so, I love the friend who gave it to me.

Because of where it sits on my counter, this angel accidently got knocked over, which caused the little hands and candle to break off. How upsetting! I immediately set out to put this cherished gift back together. Super glue to the rescue…
As I was holding the angel of hope in my hands, God gave me a sweet picture of His sincere love for His people. First of all, we too, are cherished gifts to Him. His word calls those who receive Christ as their Savior a people for God’s own possession (I Peter 2:9). And secondly, we, like the angel, are fragile; and we too, will break (I tend to break often).
But just the way I held the angel of hope in my hands and pressed the pieces back together with the super glue, God also picks up our many fragments and holds each of us. He then presses His gentle yet firm hands around the broken places in our hearts and puts them back together. His tender love seeps in and, in time, we are restored.
If you are broken my friend, let Him come to you, and let Him hold you, and let Him pour His love into the painful places. Know this truth: In (Christ) all things hold together. (Colossians 1:17). No one else or nothing else can heal your hurts like Jesus. And you yourself cannot “hold it all together”, so don’t even try… just cry… to the One who can. Yes, Jesus Christ is the only “super glue.”
Thankfully, the restored angel of hope is now back on my shelf holding her candle high. Likewise, when we let our Savior heal our hearts, you and I both have something to share with the rest of this broken world. Let us sing together (like angels?), “The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.” (Psalm 118:14)