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The One Who Knows Me

This past April I presented Mac with a simple 20th anniversary gift. In the presence of our children, I read him my list entitled “Twenty Reasons I love my Husband.” When I happened to come across it this morning, I was reminded of the many things he does “right”…

BUT… (Mac often refers this term to the “big but(t)”)… there are times he seems to miss the mark COMPLETELY, especially when it comes to understanding me. (Can any of you relate?) When this happens, I have learned to pour out my heart to the One Who knows me, from the inside-out. From sitting in this place of sadness only a few days ago, I have added to my collection of devotional prayers, all of which begin with “God, You are…”. Feel free to pray this over any relationship issue that you might be experiencing right now:
God, You are the One who knows me. I feel at times, no one “gets me,” not even the ones who love me most. What a sorrow it is for my heart to seemingly be unheard or even pushed aside. I am hurting, dear Lord… but I will sit with You… and I will pour out my heart to You… and I will remember… You are the understanding One. Yes, You You know me, O Lord… and all my desire is before You. And with this truth, You know my motives, whether they are selfish or pure, “over the top” or “right on”. Therefore, I will trust You with all of my heart. And I will trust You to plead my case if I am in line with You, or to set me straight if I am not. And I will trust You to meet my every need according to the riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Thank You. I will wait for You. Indeed, I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I will wait for the Lord; I will be strong, and my heart will take courage. I will wait for the Lord. Yes, today, right now, I choose to peacefully rest in the arms of the One who knows me, from the inside-out.
Ps. 62:8; Jeremiah 12:3; Psalm 38:9; Proverbs 3:5; Jeremiah 51:36; Philippians 4:19; Psalm 27:13-14

The 21st reason (and then some) that I love my husband is that he allowed me send this post to you. Mac knows from 2 decades of living with me that when I turn to the Lord, he is relieved of the unattainable ability to get it “right” all the time. However, when I take this approach, it causes Mac to be more inclined to work things through, and possibly… with the help of our Savior… understand a little more of my heart today than he did yesterday. How thankful I am for the One who knows me!