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Photographs have such a wonderful way of capturing a cherished memory. In the same way, my mind has recently taken in small “snip-its” of people that have crossed my path only briefly. These short encounters, however, have left me with long-lasting impressions. I would like to share three of these with you:

1. I have been trudging through the P90X workout program with my highly intense and determined daughter Maggie. In one of the videos (labeled “the mother of all P90X workouts”), a young man is exercising in extreme fashion… with a prosthetic leg! His ferver as he jumps up, down, and all around, and the overjoyed expression on his face is incredibly inspirational.
2. A few days after the tragic flood in Nashville, I was in Home Depot, standing in the check out line behind a country-guy wearing ragged jeans, a cut-off t-shirt, and unlaced work boots. He was filthy! I overheard him talking to the check-out man: “Yea, my house was flooded, but I am so thankful because it could have been so much worse… and I’m so glad I know how to make the repairs… and I am so thankful that I can help others who had more damage…”. And then, with a smile and a nod, he hobbled out on his bum-ankle.
3. I was in San Francisco for a few days with my husband Mac. At one point, we sat in a taxi and listened to a Filipino driver tell us about his life. The fun part of it was that every other sentence, he burst out in bubbling contagious laughter. “I love my wife of 40 years… ha ha ha… we have four grown children, two are married… ha ha ha… one daughter has MS, but she lives with us and my wife cares for the children… ha ha ha… I love my yellow taxi; it is the best… ha ha ha!” I loved how he loved life!
As these “snip-its” come and go throughout my days, I realize that God Himself has put these people in my path to teach me something– perseverance and joy in trial, thankfulness in all things, and contentment in every circumstance.
And then this thought occurred to me: I am somebody’s snip-it. Wow, that’s humbling. In a brief encounter with a stranger, what impression am I leaving with them? Do they see Christ in me? Am I an encourager or discourager, gentle or rude, becoming or bitter, kind-hearted or cruel?
The apostle Paul put it well when he said, “And they were glorifying God because of me.” Galatians 1:24

Yes, these three strangers, whether they knew it or not, pointed me to an aspect and character of Christ. May you and I be the same as we are somebody’s “snip-it” today.