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Not Knots

I am at the forefront of writing my third devotional prayer booklet. The first two, “The Heartbeat of God” and “The Heritage of God”, can be subscribed to or downloaded for free via this blog if you are interested. These booklets include 50 prayers all beginning with the phrase, “God, You are ….”. I thought I would share one of the prayers that I just recently penned…

God, You are the Problem Solver. You know all things… nothing is too difficult for You. You see the beginning, and You see the end. But here I am again, in the middle of another mess. Dear Lord, I do admit–so often, I am at the root of the problem! I confess my sin before You: my attitude is odious, my mindset is muddled, and my perspective is plagued with pride. I am like a tight and tangled ball of string. Pull me apart with Your Mater-mind, I pray. Start at the beginning and just keep pulling, even if it’s humbling and uncomfortable. I ask You to decipher my inmost thoughts and judge the intentions of my heart. Only You, O God, can make my paths straight. And only You can bring sweet peace back into my distorted disposition. So come again, I pray, and do Your lovely work in me. Please continue to strengthen me in Your ways, as You gingerly straighten me out of mine. Thank You, sweet Savior, for faithfully loving this problem-child. You are gracious and compassionate… and Your understanding is infinite; therefore, I can thankfully say, my knots are not knots to You. Amen.
Jeremiah 32:27; Hebrew 4:12; Proverbs 3:6; Psalm 111:4; Psalm 147:5
Rejoice with me that we have a very patient Problem-Solving God. I pray that you will let Him have your knots.