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Type A, Type B, or Both

We had a couple of “snow days” here in Tennessee. The half-inch white fluff made our world stop for a short while, and I absolutely loved it. I am a southern wimp when it comes to ice on the roads, so I just holed-up in my home, put on my comfy clothes, and kept the fire going. As I watched the snow fall one morning, I just sat very very still; I was mesmerized by God’s immaculate beauty. I didn’t want to move from my contented position…I was wrapped in a blanket like a cocoon…not doing anything, just “being”…

My “stillness” got me to thinking about personality types. As you know, there’s the “A” type and the “B” type.
Words that come to mind when describing type A are: Alert, Attentive, Aggressive, Always Active, Absolutely Accurate most All of the time. I am positive that “they”–whoever “they” are–must have done a case study on my husband when creating this personality type. God loves him and so do I.
And then there’s type B: Be still, Be Quiet, Be Steady, Be Careful, Be thinking of many things, but doing close to none of them. And yes, “they” came back to study me on this one. As a matter of fact, if “they” were putting me on a grading scale, I would have gotten a B minus, with the next personality being type C: Comatose, Cave-dweller, Cocoon, Closed-in, Cute(?). (Sorry, I had to add “cute”; my self-esteem was beginning to wane).
Have you ever wondered about Jesus’ personality type? Was He A or B, or both? Of course, He was (is) the perfect blend, with no sin involved. Wow, think of that. No wonder people climbed trees and rooftops, walked miles upon miles, and dropped everything just to get a glimpse of Him. He was calmly charismatic, peacefully powerful, winsomely wise–all in One.
The wonderful news is this: Jesus is ALIVE today, in you and in me! He has given us His Spirit without measure. So, just like God graciously gives us spouses and friends to help us counter-balance our core personalities, He, much more than this, has given us Jesus Christ, not only to enhance who we are, but also to birth and grow who we are not.
Therefore, a type A personality can call on Christ to help him/her respond to this simple, yet difficult command:
Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
While a type B, when relying on Christ, can come out of his/her comfort zone and respond to verses such as this:
Get yourself up on a high mountain…bearer of good news…Lift your voice mightily; Lift it up, do not fear. Say to the cities of Judah, “Here is your God!” Isaiah 40:9
Let’s face it, no matter our personality, we all need Him. Let Him come in and enhance His unique design (you). Trust Him where you are weak, and then watch a steady strength arise.
On that note, this closed-in cave-dweller needs to go find some hiking boots; I have a mountain to climb and some Good News to bear. Any Body want to join me?