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The Center of His Wheel

“Behold, like clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand…” (Jeremiah 18:5)

I have always loved the clay/potter analogy given in Scripture. What a beautiful picture of our personal relationship with our Maker. While doing a little deeper research on this topic, I found a short video on Master potter Alan Frewin works quietly and intentionally on his thought-through vessel. Please watch this 3 minute video keeping these lessons in mind concerning our Potter:
1. The center of His wheel–The clay is placed in the center because it is the foundation of the vessel. The pot is only as true and as strong as the centering (Out of Fire Studio). Likewise, our life’s foundation should rest on Christ alone. If it does not, then everything will be off kilter.
2. In His Hands–The potter uses the palm of his hands to gently press and pull, in an upward and then downward motion to obtain his smooth, desired results. The potter also uses his arms and shoulders, with elbows resting on his knees, to help support the motion; he doesn’t mind the mess because he knows what he is doing. Our Potter, too, holds us between His hands securely, making us and molding us into His planned vessel. We may wonder what He is doing at times, but He always knows the plans He has for us.
3. The utensils–The potter uses different tools to chisel away excess clay, and to create something new. Similarly, our Potter allows certain circumstances to enter into our life to groom and grow us.
4. The water–The potter continually adds water throughout the whole process so that the clay stays soft and manageable. Our Living Water, the Word of God, keeps our heart tender and our will bendable so that we can become exactly what our Potter desired from the beginning.
I pray that I will let my Potter have His way with me. I must trust Him fully. Yes, I want to stay in the center of His wheel.