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My Very First Post

Hello there Blogging Friends,

This is my very first post. A highly intellectual friend of my husband’s “birthed” this blog-site for me, and now it’s mine to nurture and grow. I ask you to bear with me during these infant and toddler stages; being a first time blogger is quite intimidating! As a matter of fact, if you are reading this, both you and I can consider it a minor miracle.
I have been thinking for about a week now, “What would I like to say to you first? If I could only say one, quick, sweet thing to you, what would it be?” And then after this question, every time, my mind recites this verse:
The Lord is good, and His love endures forever. (II Chronicles 5:13)
So this is it–a simple, yet profound, penetrating truth. This one line was sung as a praise song by the Israelites when God inhabited Solomon’s temple for the first time. They experienced the powerful presence of the Lord in an incredible way (His glory came down from heaven). They could not help but shout the beautiful truth from the depth of their soul:
The Lord is good, and His love endures forever. (II Chronicles 7:3)
I encourage you to make these ancient words your new song today. Sing it over and over until you believe it. Claim it, shout it, then live it. This wandering world needs you to be convinced of His enduring love.
So no matter the circumstances, remember:
The Lord is good;
And no matter how you feel, choose to believe:
His love endures forever.
(Psalm 136)
Written with this love,
p.s. I am writing you this note under the influence of a flu shot that has given me AWFUL flu-like symptoms–aching body and fever (how, pray tell, can you be both hot and cold at the same time?!). I feel as if a herd of pigs (swine) came barreling down a hill, and I just happened to be standing at the wrong place, at the wrong time! NEVERTHELESS, I am fighting my “fluvian enemy”, and putting my very first post into the ground, staking my claim, that no matter the circumstances, or how I feel at the moment:
The Lord is good,
His love endures forever,