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Building a Home with Prayer

Foundation of Love
May every floorboard of every room be founded on the love of Jesus Christ;
in Him alone we will not be shaken.
Walls of Joy
May the joyful and contagious laughter of the abundant life of Christ ring
throughout the walls of our home.
Ceilings of Peace
May You seal each room, dear Father, with Your sweet blanket of peace,
and may Your protective hand rest on our rooftop.
Hallways and Stairways of Patience
Please give me Your patience with each child as they pass through
each of the stages and phases of growth. Also, please fill my children’s hearts with
genuine patience towards one another as they walk life together.
Windows of Kindness and Doorways of Goodness
May all who look into this home be enthralled by Your warming light;
and when these welcomed guests enter in, may the feel surrounded by
the goodness of Your love.
Playrooms and Schoolrooms of Gentleness
May Your tender touch abound in the hearts of my children as the play, learn,
and live together. And dear Father, may I lead gently–the way You so
gently lead me.
Bedrooms of Faithfulness
Please bless our marriage with a beautiful love for one another–the kind
You planned from the beginning. And may my children’s bedrooms never be
a place of secrecy; rather, a sanctuary, filled with quiet times with
their faithful Redeemer.
Kitchen of Self-control
May You be the King of the kitchen, not me.
And as we gather around our table, may we feast on Your abundant
grace and love.