A Mother's Privilege - Provision

Provision: The Fruit of the Spirit


A Letter to Read/Use As A Guide With Your Children 

Dear Children,

I want you to imagine a tree firmly planted by streams of water. Its trunk is sturdy, and its branches are strong. Its leaves are a plush green, and its fruit is ripe, ready for picking. Its beauty is eye-catching, and its shade is inviting. But, think now, sweet ones, what part of the tree can not be seen that causes it to stand firmly in the ground? Yes, you’re right—the roots. They reach far down into the earth, acting as an anchor for the beautiful tree above.

Now, children, I want you to think of your life. You, also, are to be firmly planted by the streams of Living Water—Jesus Christ. In order to stand strong, you also will need to have strong roots. The previous six prayers that I have prayed for you are some of these roots:

A Love of God’s Word

An Understanding of God’s Word

An Understanding of God’s Love

A Faith in God

Security in God, and

Contentment in God.

Realize, sweet ones, the deeper you go into His rich soil, the stronger your roots will be, and the more your tree will flourish. You (and others) will begin to see beautiful blossoms which, in time, will produce the magnificent fruit of the Spirit:








Gentleness, and


So, my dear ones, make your roots strong. Seek wisdom, and knowledge, and faith, and security, and love, and contentment in Him! Remember your goal: First you want people to see your bud turn into a beautiful flower, which is lovely to their eyes. Then, you want them to see your flower blossom into fruit, which they will want to “take from” your tree and “eat”! Cause them to wonder, “Why is their tree so beautiful, and their fruit so tasty? What makes them stand so strong and look so alive? I want to be like that! How can I be?” And then, my children, be prepared to answer…

I love you

Teaching Tools/Activities For Your Children 

1. On a beautiful day, go outside and examine a strong, vibrant tree. Or, you may want to pull up a plant (one you’re not attracted to!) and “touch and feel” the roots.

2. Talk about its roots: how long, sturdy, and deep are they? (They are as deep as the tree is tall!)

3. Compare the roots, as well as the beauty of the tree to each child’s life. When they are planted in God’s Word, and grow deeper into it, they then obtain the strength and beauty which comes from Christ alone.

A Prayer To Pray Over Your Children 

Dear Heavenly Father,

What a wonder it is to know that because of what Jesus did on the cross, we have the incredible privilege of being filled with Your Holy Spirit! May my children not quench Your beautiful Spirit, dear Jesus. But instead give them a heart that longs to abide in You, and You in them, so the fruit of Your amazing character may be exhibited in their lives. I pray their heart will possess:

A Love that conquers all,
A Joy that overflows,
A Peace that passes all understanding,
And Patience that stills the heart.
Give them Kindness that seeks the orphan and the widow;
And Goodness that defeats all evil,
May they obtain your Faithfulness that is new every morning,
And Gentleness that can turn away all kinds of wrath,
And, dear Lord, I pray for Self-control that only You,
The One who died to self, can give.


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