A Mother's Privilege - Provision

Provision: Security in You


A Letter to Read/Use As A Guide With Your Children 

Dear Children,

This is a very important letter, so listen up. I want you to be sure to find your security in God alone, nothing else. The truth is, dear ones, security in anything else will never be found. Rest in Him; rest in His Word. Do not put your security in yourself. Do not put your security in things, tangible or intangible.

Concerning self: Once again, I am speaking from experience. You see, children, most of my young life I have been dissatisfied with the way I look, and I still struggle with this today. You know the thick red burn scars you’ve seen all over my thighs? Well, they are the result of a traumatic accident, which happened when I was three years old. Hot grease covered the front of my small body, and the damage it caused is still evident today. I have to admit, I have never liked these scars. In fact, I’ve hated them with a passion a lot of the time. I remember praying at night when I was young (and even during my teenage years), asking God to miraculously take them away so that I would be “normal” in the morning. Because I was a swimmer, I was faced almost daily with the looks of disgust I would receive from others because of these scars. It was unbearable at times!

But you know what, sweet ones? Because of my scars, I was stripped of any kind of security I could have put in myself. Instead, I was forced to run (by God’s wonderful plan) into His loving arms to find my strength and confidence. I remember praying each day before entering the pool deck at the University of Texas, where the men and women practiced at the same time. I would pray, “Okay, God, You’re gonna have to go out there with me. Here I go…” And then, I would open the door to the locker room and walk—with HIM. I know for certain I would not have prayed this prayer if these scars were not on my legs. As a matter of fact, I think I would have walked— with pride, instead. So, do you see, children, although I hate the scars, I have learned to love what these burns brought about my life: A Great Security in God Alone. For where I am weak, through Him, I am strong!

Sweet ones, God may have made you a certain way, physically, you don’t like; or He may cause things to happen (through His loving hand) that will be questionable in your eyes. I want you to know, first of all, never question your Maker. The “flaw” you see in yourself, may be the one lure which pulls you towards Him. Also, remember, He desires your whole heart, not just a part of it. And if you are His child, He has promised to cause all things to work together for good, even this “flaw.” So be secure in Him and the way He has made you.

Now concerning things: Children, be careful where you stand. There is only one solid Rock, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Everything else (money, power, fame, outward beauty…) is based on self-reliance. And please know these foundations only promise to crumble beneath your feet! I had to learn this lesson, too. For years in swimming, because I so desperately wanted to be number one, I was putting all I had into the sport for me, instead of for Him, the One who gave me the strength, ability, and speed to swim. Even though I was a professing Christian, who loved God very much and sought to honor Him, my heart would not let go of seeking success and fame for myself. And when I came up (what I thought was) empty-handed, I was left defeated and ashamed. However, through this, I learned the meaning of this great hymn…

“On Christ the solid Rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand.”

I so want you, my sweet ones, to grasp this truth for yourselves early in life. Learn to stand, with great confidence, on the solid Rock, which is Jesus Christ.

I love you

Teaching Tools/Activities For Your Children 

1. Wrap up with your children in a big blanket or comforter. Talk about how this makes them feel: warm, safe, secure.

2. Explain, security in God’s love can surround us each and every day. He is ever-present!

3. Also, compare standing on a rock to standing in sand. Which is more secure and safe? Tell them Jesus Christ is our Rock, the Rock of Ages!

A Prayer To Pray Over Your Children 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You for each one of the children which You have uniquely created and generously given to [Mac] and me. What a blessing these jewels have been! I cherish them with all my heart, and cannot express in words my humble appreciation to You for allowing me to have these [four] lives to love and raise up in accordance with Your words and Your ways. Please, God, forgive me when I fail, or when they become more to me than they should be. Help me to continually remember they are Yours; You give them every beat of their heart. Thank you.

Dear Father, I ask that my children also would realize they belong to You. Help them to know, You have created them exactly the way You planned from the beginning. Convince them, You are pleased with Your creation and each is “fearfully and wonderfully made” in Your sight (Ps. 139:14). May they realize, You don’t make mistakes; and You love them just the way they are! Help them to receive this everlasting love, dear Father, then rest securely in it.

Also, dear God, I continually pray for my children to know they are not here by chance; but You, the Most High God, have a reason for creating them, not only as they are, but also where they are. May their passion in life be to confidently and courageously honor their King, in their unique way. Give them insight, dear Lord, into what You have planned for each of them. Make them aware of their particular strengths and weaknesses, helping them to realize, You can use both of these to bring honor and glory to Your Name. May they never be too proud to share their weaknesses with someone who may need a brother or a sister to hold their hand in any kind of struggle. In the same breath, I pray they would humbly use their strengths to hold someone else’s hand, lifting them up out of the miry clay through Your Spirit. I pray, the security my children have found in You, dear Lord, would be a might instrument used to draw others hearts to You, O Rock of Ages.


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