A Mother's Privilege - Perspective

Perspective: FRIEND


A Letter to Read/Use As A Guide With Your Children 

Dear Children,

I am grateful to be able to say that God has generously blessed me with wonderful friends throughout my lifetime. They have not all come at one time, but they have been sprinkled over the years of my life. From a young age like you, through my teens, my twenties, and now my thirties, I have been blessed with true friends. When I think of each one, she warms my heart, brings a smile to my face, or even a tear to my eye. Friendship is such a cherished possession. Such a strong bond is formed between hearts that neither time, nor distance, nor change, can ever break it.

Children, I pray you will have these kinds of friends, ones who will last for eternity. I want you to have friends you can laugh with and cry with. You need friends you can trust, and friends who will hold you accountable. I pray God will provide these soul-mates for you, when you seek Him. He graciously knows we need each other.

And guess what? He has already provided the greatest Friend you could possibly have, Jesus Christ. It is from Him, my dear ones, that all other true friendships begin. He knows you like none other. He came for you, even in your sin. He understands you, because He made you! Talk to Him, dear children, and walk with Him. Then you will be sure to find out, He is the One who is the greatest lover of your soul.

I love you

Teaching Tools/Activities For Your Children 

  • On a sheet of paper, have your children list their friends. Also, write down an adjective describing each friend (kind, sweet, funny). Tell them their friendship with Jesus far exceeds the friendships they will make throughout their lifetime.
  • Now write down the name, Jesus. Beside His name, fill the page with adjectives describing His character.
  • Finally, put two paperclips together. Have your child hold them, pull them, “study” them. Discuss how Jesus is bonded to their heart. He is their true Friend (who never has to “go home”)!

A Prayer To Pray Over Your Children 

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray that my children will know You as a friend that sticks closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24). Open their eyes to see how much You care for them and listen to them; how much You pray for them and love them. You died to be their FRIEND! Thank You for the promises You have given us that will never be broken.

You give: the Bread of Life to those who hunger,

Living Water to those who thirst,

Comfort to those who are hurting,

Peace to those with a troubled heart.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for never leaving us nor forsaking us. Draw my children to You, sweet Savior, and take hold of their hand with Your gentle one. Convince them, they are walking with a Friend that intimately loves their soul. Give them the desire to walk with You alone in the quietness of their day. And there, teach them of Your unconditional and sacrificial love. May their companionship with You be filled with joy, laughter, and song, as well as comfort, compassion, and grace. Thank You for giving us Your all in order to call us “friends.”

O God, I also pray my children would consider this loving bond with You as a responsibility on their part as well. Convict them, and then help them to be a friend to You, dear Jesus, the One who died for them. I pray they will not be ashamed of You, deny You, ignore you, or do anything that will dishonor their relationship with You. May they also give their all, so they can sincerely call you “Friend.”

And finally, impress on their hearts one of your greatest teachings: being a friend to others, in reality, is being a friend to You. May they realize, when they give their time, energy, and effort to someone in need, they are not only doing this for just a human being, but they are also doing it for You, dear Jesus. May this truth challenge them to be a great friend to others throughout their lives, knowing this is a mere reflection of their love for You. Thank You, for loving us first, sweet Savior, and dear Friend. May my children pour Your love into the hearts of others.


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