A Mother's Privilege - Perspective

Perspective: CREATOR


A Letter to Read/Use As A Guide With Your Children 

Dear Children,

When you look outside today, look all around. Do you see the remarkably blue sky, beautifully contrasted against the cotton-like clouds? And then, do you feel the saturating warmth of the far-away sun on your face? With only the brush of His hand, God created this beautiful scene…and more. Now focus closer in. Do you see the flaming red bird perched on that branch singing its distinct little song? Look at the jet-black feathers surrounding its bright-orange beak. What incredible detail from its incredible Creator! And He even knows where this particular bird will fly. Nothing escapes the Creator of life. Heaven is [His] throne, and the earth is [His] footstool. (Is. 66:1a)

Now, focus even closer. Look at your hands. Do you see those tiny, little intricate lines on your fingertips? Your sweet Father made those lines, and there is not a single person on this earth that has the same ones as you. He is so involved with you, that He even knows how many hairs you have on your head— remember, He put them there! Realize, sweet ones, He is delighted with how He made you. He wants you to be you, so you can best serve Him. That is why He made you. You are HIS creation, bearing His image.

Look around one last time and take this concept to heart:

The same God who created
The overwhelming mountain ranges, and the simple rolling hills,
The rapidly flowing rivers, and the steady whispering streams,
The pitch black of the night, and the all-encompassing light of the day,
Is the same God who created you.
And then, most importantly, realize He considers you
His prized possession.

Meditate on this truth, my sweet ones. And may it send you to your knees, humbly bowing before this Master-Planner, as well as this Intimate-Creator, giving Him your all.

I love you

Teaching Tools/Activities For Your Children 

1. Take a walk with your children, discussing God’s incredible Creation.

2. Make fingerprints with your children, discussing His intricate handiwork.

3. Compare God’s awesome vastness with His incredible detail.

A Prayer To Pray Over Your Children 

O Holy Father,

You are the Creator of all life. Everything that moves, and breathes, and has being, You have ordained. You created the beauty of the sunset, the intricate and prideful feathers of a peacock, and the awesome wonder of the wind. However, Your greatest delight in all of creation is Your fingerprint of life that You have placed on each of Your children. How You smile with each touch and each mold. With joy, You give every breath into each heart, body, and soul. O God, help my children to see Your vastness and Your power, but more than that, may they “feel” Your loving touch. Help them to know and believe, they are more beautiful in Your eyes than any breathtaking sunrise or any spectacular mountain top view. You rejoice over them with singing!

I ask they would be awed, dear Lord, by Your handiwork around them. May this cause them to humbly serve You as the Creator, not only of the universe but also as the Creator of their own hearts. Assure them that they have been made in Your image, the King of kings. Wrap them in your robe of righteousness and place Your crown of beauty upon their heads, so they may shine for Your glory. Give them the heart to respond to Your call—to live, to love, to serve, and to be a magnificent display of your splendor. Continually remind them, dear Lord, of this truth: Your purpose for giving them each breath and life is for Your glory only! Prompt them to live accordingly, dear Father, so they may find Your blessed peace in their souls.


Scripture references in letter:

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Scripture references in prayer:

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